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The Present is the Key to my Future.


Orogeny: The process of mountain building.

The Tashina Orogony: The process of building the rest of my life.

The beginning of the last year and half of my scholarly life starts in exactly 12 days. I’ve been attending college on and off since 2007. It’s been a slow process and I’m not entirely sure why. It really seems never ending. I’m okay with that. I don’t ever want to stop learning.

..but holy hell am I done with school. 

As long as I’ve been going to school, you would think I’d  left enough room for a lazy college senior semester. Nope. 16 units this semester, projected 16 next semester. It’s not just your run-of-the-mill “well rounded” GE classes, either. Calc II and Chem 1. FML. Things could be worse – I could be taking physics AND geology classes right along side that. Thankfully I’ve completed all of the required geology classes. There are only thesis units left. 

I’ve decided to set aside a semester dedicated to my thesis. I plan for it to be strictly thesis and physical education only. Should be great. Really.

Since this is the first official blog, I suppose I’ll touch on a few things that I plan to cover. I’d like to go over what I expect from life, what I hope to get out of it, things I hope to do, and all my wishful thinking that I wish just weren’t wishes. For example: Geology Field Camp is the bomb-diggity. It’s amazing; How my university is set up for  a BS/BA degree in geology is complete bullshit; keeping track on the job outlook; keeping track of the things I do because I’m really good at forgetting they are actually relevant for the future; etcetera etcetera

Here’s to my first blog post – may the rest be more organized, and less long-winded.


P.S – it will be required that you are drinking beer while reading my blog posts, so that I actually have someone to cheers to!