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Putting a Hospital in a Tsunami Zone.

Does anyone see the problem? Anyone?


So there’s a hospital that lives in the tsunami zone of Gold Beach, Curry County, Oregon. There was a general consensus that the old hospital needed to go; it’s old, run down, ect. The voters of Curry County voted in a bond measure to rebuild the hospital. Well, yeah, that’s a good idea. It’s already in the tsunami zone, and now it can be rebuilt! I think most people assumed that it was terribly obvious that it would be moved somewhere that made more sense.

Someone asked, apparently too little too late [Note: These are not actual quotes said by anyone.] – “Hey guys, where’s the new hospital going to go?” and they said “Oh. Yeah – we’re just going to use the old parking lot!” to which anyone with common sense said “But you’re in a tsunami zone. You knew you were in a tsunami zone before you decided to make a new hospital, why would you put in the same spot? Please don’t do this.” and the hospital people said “No, this is fine.”

Except, you know, it’s not. Did Japan teach us nothing? I really thought that would be a great learning experience, but I guess people really like to take the “It won’t happen to us” stance.

In their (very small) defense, the Oregon Public Broadcasting created a short video explaining why they chose to stay in the same location:

“Local officials say they don’t have many good options.”
So…that means they still had options. In my opinion, as soon as the new hospital is erected and operational, those officials should be held responsible for any tsunami related incidents that cause harm to their staff or patients. They knew the risks, and they built it anyway. This hospital is expected to be completed this year, by the way.

Not only have they now put the  hospital staff and its patients in danger, they have arguably now given any possible survivors very little chance of getting medical help during a tsunami emergency. It’s probably really hard to help people if the hospital got wiped out.

What else is really disappointing is that the hospital website, even knowing they are in a tsunami zone, have no escape route or plan mapped out on their website. How would a visiting family know where to find a patient if they were evacuated?

Apparently, the hospital is going to be one of the first to built “with any consideration of a tsunami impact”. Whatever that means…

All I can say is I wish them the best of luck during a disaster. This is very disappointing news.




An update worth blogging for.

Well, I can finally say I’ve got my pinky toe in the door. I don’t know if it’s the right door, but it’s a door that wasn’t there before.

I landed an “intern” gig at a geophysical company. This past weekend was my first few days out in the grind. It’s…interesting. There’s not too much actual geology going on (not that I’m complaining), and I actually didn’t learn that there wouldn’t be until I was out there. It’s just acquiring information that gets to sent to someone who interprets it.


This particular gig meets most of the things I have been hoping for:

  • I get to travel a fair amount – so far, it’s been in OK places. The neat thing is that I’ll never really be in a city and that’s something I was actually hoping for. No cities for me, please!
  • My gas is paid for, my mileage is paid for, my incidentals are paid for. HELLO PER DIEM! Separate from mileage and gas by the way! This is  a new thing for me. It’s got me pumped. It’s got me addicted to being in the field. $40 a day just for showing up? On top of hourly? Yes, please – may I have another? Which leads me to –
  • Other than my boss and the observer (the guy who makes the program pick up the information) everyone is kinda…lazy. Because the pay is hourly, every tries to take their sweet ass time doing anything. Including driving 10 miles under the speed limit. Counting to five before taking off at a green stop light…annoying things like that. So it’s kinda not the toughest job in the world.
  • MAD MONEY! I got my first little taste of what it’s like in to work in the oil and gas industry. And of course, I’m hooked. Which is good because this leads me to the con list.


  • Crazy hours! My schedule is 7am-7pm 7 days a week. Unless it’s rainy or too windy or too noisy…thus, the mad money!
  • I’m the only girl. It’s not that bad, but I do get tired of guys correcting themselves when they accidentally cuss around me. Just don’t be creepy and I’ll be happy. Otherwise, be crass or gross or whatever it is you do. I’m good.
  • Potential to be away from home for a very long time. One guy was telling me how he worked for 8 months straight one time…that’s crazy. I think I’d buy a travel trailer at that point.


This is exciting and I just started. The people I mainly work with are fantastic so far, and very accommodating! I’ll keep ya’ll updated with any new developments!



Move Along – Nothing To See Here

Well – the title says it all. Nothing to see here. Nothing new to report. I found a “good enough” job to keep me busy while I basically wait to figure out what I really want to do.

I’d also like to say that I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what I want to do – but mostly, I’ve just convinced myself I’m either “in between jobs” or “in between degrees”.


Been trying to use free resources to teach myself how to build websites – a little bit of javascript here and there. Refreshing on basic Spanish…just little time-fillers. Debating on what I should study – redo my GRE and shoot for a much better score, or study to become a Foreign Service Officer and put my degree to use and hope I don’t get stuck in the Middle East.


Decisions, decisions. Stay lovely.

Famous rocks of Maria Island; From Painted to Fossil Cliffs [Tasmania, Australia]

This is a spectacular blog. This is the kind of blogging I hope to do someday. 🙂

Exploring the Earth

Maria Island, Maria, Tasmania, Australia, geology, travel, blog, adventure, hiking, exploring, earth, science, rocks, nature, geomorphology, Map of Maria Island with respect to Tasmania and mainland Australia

Intro: An island off an island off an island; welcome to Maria! I recently jumped aboard the opportunity to go on a weekend field excursion run by Geological Association of Australia (GSA) and the university to this wonderful little island off the east coast of Tasmania, Australia. The whole island is a protected national park, and not only is it home to copious colonies of cute Tassie animals like wombats, kangaroos and Tasmanian devils, but it also contains some of the most beautiful and stunning geology you can find here in Tasmania! Ranging from ‘Painted’ to ‘Fossil’ Cliffs, I’ll give a brief background on why the rocks are just so spectacular on Maria Island.

Maria Island, Maria, Tasmania, Australia, geology, travel, blog, adventure, hiking, exploring, earth, science, rocks, nature, geomorphology, painted cliffs, sandstone leisegang, iron-oxide, bands, rings Beautiful red and yellow iron-oxide bands in sandstone at Painted Cliffs – Maria Island, Tasmania, Australia

Maria Island, Maria, Tasmania, Australia, geology, travel, blog, adventure, hiking, exploring, earth, science, rocks, nature, geomorphology, fossil cliffs, bishop and clerk North coast of Maria Island showing Fossil Cliffs…

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A Wasted Winter Break?

Pretend you are a geologist for a second, and then pretend like you were just told you can’t drink beer for a while. And now pretend you’re devastated, because that’s what would happen if you were a geologist. This is has been what it’s like the last couple of weeks.

I’ve been having, over the past year or so, some crazy nausea problem. Like, every day, in the morning and afternoons specifically, I was having debilitating nausea. Couldn’t talk, couldn’t walk, and worst of all, couldn’t throw up. I wished and wished I could just throw up and feel better, but it never happened. I couldn’t even make myself do it. Was in and out of the doctor’s constantly, xray after xray and they couldn’t find anything. Eventually, I started cutting out different foods trying to isolate the problem. Turns out, food was never the problem. I figured it out after getting too shaky for my chem labs and cut out the one consistency of my day. Coffee. Coffee was the problem. Can you believe that? Do you know what that news is like? Well, pretend like you read the first paragraph. It’s like that.

But at least I am slowly starting to feel better. I am now realizing that it may also be an anxiety problem. Since it’s starting to feel like I have to give a public speech or presentation every time I leave the house. I don’t know where this started, though. I never had anxiety for public speaking until this last semester. I start to freeze, my thoughts get jumbled, ect. I need to work on that again. (If you have this problem, I suggest this: Get a couple of magazine with a lot of people in them. Cut out the faces and hang them on your wall at eye-height. It helps you make eye contact and gets you used to having all these eyes staring you all the time. I did this in high school and it’s helped me a bunch. At least till now? I just need to do it again!) I just feel like that all the time. I think it may be the imminent thesis looming and haunting me.


My productive winter break, why have you eluded me so?

If only I had a nickel for every time I told myself how productive I’d be over winter break. I’d have like, 50 cents! I knew it was a lie to myself from the beginning. I knew some other shit would pop up and ruin it. That’s always the case. This time, it was one of my roommates deciding he wanted to move out. After thoroughly convincing me and my other roommate that he was going to stick around for this last semester, of course.

So not only am I having to move and clean, but I’ve made minimal progress on my thesis and internship. At least I got a front page designed in Photoshop. Progress, right? Now to just teach myself to use Dreamweaver in the next two weeks so I can work on a little bit here and there in between my last classes. As far as my thesis goes – well, eh, I’ve more or less thought about going to the library. Maybe I’ll get around to doing that today after I pick up a few odds and ends from my old place. Yeah. I think I’ll do that.

I have at least made time for some fun. I bought way too many games for the holiday Steam sale and have been playing a little bit here and there. I accidentally got drunk at a bonfire. That was embarrassing. Just in case you didn’t know, if there are only 4 beers to a pack, there is a reason for that. Also, my fault for never checking the alcohol content of Rasputin and drinking 3 before it was time to go home. I drove to the beach, and someone had to drive me back. Again, embarrassing, but I learned my lesson and that particular friend will be getting a thank-you cake soon.

Back to the winter break grind, ya’ll. Only two more weeks until my last semester.


I…what now? Pink drill bits for fracking?

I’m taking this moment of down time, which has only come about because I had a migraine last night and today, to leave this here and let you think about.

Pink Drill Bits for Fracking

It’s really happening. No, it’s really a thing. If it leaves you saying “Um…what?” Well I’m right there with you. I honestly have no idea how I’m supposed to respond to or feel about…this.